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AppDancer/FA™ is a multi-faceted Network Application Monitoring and Analysis tool that enables visualization and troubleshooting of your companies’ business applications.



AppDancer Networks, Inc. proudly presents AppDancer/FA™ and AppDancer/RV™, the first network analysis tool for your whole IT department. This amazing tool will monitor your devices and applications in addition to all associated IP flows and give you a sophisticated, yet easy to understand view into the real inter-workings of your network.

Applications are the reason for today’s networks. Viewing your network as the application sees the network is essential to solving today’s application centric network and network device problems.

This amazing tool will not only monitor your devices and applications as well as all associated IP flows but it will also give you a sophisticated, yet easy to understand view into the real inter-workings of your network.

In addition, AppDancer/FA can answer questions like “What applications are being used in my network?,” “Where is the problem?” “Is it the applications themselves or the demands or limitations on the devices in my Network?” It will even answer, “Who is running an unauthorized application using my network?” or “How is the VoIP effecting my network bandwidth, applications and or devices?”

Brown outs are today’s most costly network problems, and often it is nearly impossible to determine the event or cause of the brown outs. AppDancer/FA can quickly and simply show you if your network is suffering from over usage or incorrect usage, causing the brown out conditions. This new visionary tool can answer these and many more of today’s network management questions .

If granular protocol analysis is required, AppDancer/FA will provide everything you need to decode and analyze your frames, the applications, the IP flows and the protocols within your network. This includes focused filtering and a versatile, dynamic search engine to focus on the real problems and speed up your analysis to solution time.

AppDancer Networks, Inc. has brought together over 150 years of communications analysis experience to develop this flexible, powerful, yet cost effective tool with easy-to-use and understand format.

AppDancer/FA can be deployed on any PC system with Windows 2000, using most standard NIC cards as the interface to the network. In the future, AppDancer/FA will also be deployable on other common network management platforms such as Solaris and many others.

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