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AppDancer/FA has been reviewed by CrossNodes Networking.
“Dirty Dancing with AppDancer”

AppDancer is pressed in the January 2003 issue of Enterprise Networking Magazine.

AppDancer included in a list of products featuring various VoIP-analysis capabilities
“Other VoIP traffic-analysis options”

AppDancer is mentioned as a good product that lets you capture traffic and decode the signaling protocol and the voice CODECS. November 26, 2002.
“Evaluating IP telephony products”

AppDancer included in a list of new technology products introduced in metro Atlanta during 2002.
“Diversity of products reflects mature industry”

AppDancer/FA has been mentioned as the most comprehensive suite of analysis products.
“Just What Are Those Packets Doing? Network Tools To Tell You”

AppDancer mentioned as a software package that can set thresholds for H.323 and SIP operations and notify you when they are exceeded.
“Monitoring H.323 AND SIP”

AppDancer Networks’ AppDancer/RV Named a Finalist in the Best of Show Awards for NetWorld+Interop 2002 Atlanta

AppDancer/FA has been reviewed by Network Computing Magazine
“A Picture from AppDancer Is Worth a Thousand Decodes”

IT Decision Series:
Choosing The Right Monitoring and Management Strategy
Cost-Effective Strategies for Monitoring the Health of E-Business Infrastructure

Winner in the Network Management category of the Best of Interop Awards, NetWorld+Interop 2002 in Las Vegas.
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AppDancer/FA has been reviewed by PC Magazine, April 23, 2002
“Keep an Eye on Your Network Apps”

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