AppDancer Networks Announces World’s First Network Flow Analysis Software

18 March 2002 Categories: Press Releases

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AppDancer Networks Announces World’s First Network Flow Analysis Software

Roswell, Georgia, USA, March 18, 2002 – AppDancer Networks, Inc., a new networking software company based in Roswell, Georgia, announces the release of AppDancer/FA, the world’s first Network Flow Analyzer software product. AppDancer/FA, the first totally redesigned network monitoring software tool in seven years, is really three products in one:

  • It monitors network devices (i.e., routers, switches, hubs, etc.) via SNMP, CLI (command line interface), and Cisco IOS commands.
  • It monitors key network applications, including WWW (web), POP (incoming email), SMTP (outgoing email), FTP (file transfers), DNS (domain name server), and voice/multimedia. In addition to passive monitoring of actual network traffic, the software actively monitors network activity via self-generated synthetic transactions.
  • It monitors, captures, and analyzes network data (much like a traditional protocol analyzer).

Another important feature is AppDancer/FA’s unique ability to monitor and display many types of Network Flows, including IP Flows, Application Flows, and Content Flows.

“No other vendor supports this unique combination of features, functions and benefits in one product or in a suite of products!” says Roger Cox, AppDancer Networks President.

AppDancer/FA is web-enabled from the “ground up.” Most screens are viewable from any standard web browser. Heavy emphasis has been placed on the product’s ease-of-use which allows even lower level technicians to be highly productive. AppDancer/FA is written in Java & HTML and currently runs as a Windows 2000 application. Additional platforms will be added in future versions.

AppDancer/FA unit retail pricing is US$4,995. The software is now available from AppDancer Networks ( or from any AppDancer Authorized Value Added Reseller.

About AppDancer Networks
AppDancer Networks, Inc. is a privately held Georgia corporation headquartered in Roswell, Georgia USA, with an engineering development facility located in Fremont, California USA. AppDancer Networks manufactures AppDancer/FA, an innovative, application-centric network monitoring and flow analysis software tool. AppDancer/FA redefines network analysis by uniquely combining network application monitoring, network device monitoring, and network data capture, monitoring and analysis into one easy-to-use package. Additional company and product information is available on AppDancer Networks’ website at or call +1-770-643-6800 or send email to