AppDancer Networks Signs Agreement with NOCOM Subsidiary

23 April 2002 Categories: Press Releases

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AppDancer Networks Signs Agreement with NOCOM Subsidiary

Roswell, Georgia, USA, April 23, 2002 – AppDancer Networks, Inc. has signed a distribution agreement with Nocom Partner Network, a subsidiary of the Swedish publicly-held firm, Nocom AB (NOCM-B). The agreement covers sales and marketing of AppDancer Networks’ AppDancer/FA network monitoring and analysis product, via Nocom Partner Network’s business partners and resellers in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

AppDancer Networks software, AppDancer F/A, is a completely newly designed product for monitoring network applications and is one of a very few network monitoring products that has been launched in the last seven years. The product operates in three different areas. It monitors network devices; analyses network flows; and monitors, captures and analyzes network data. External modules also exist for VoIP.

AppDancer Networks complements Nocom Partner Network’s other vendors of network monitoring products – NetIQ and WebTrends. With the addition of AppDancer/FA, the Nocom Partner Network now has a very strong network offering in the Nordic market.

“An increasingly complex network structure now requires many companies to use powerful network monitoring and analysis tools to find the reasons for uneven performance and monitoring their network-based applications,” says Peter Lämber, Managing Director of Nocom Partner Network.

“We are very happy to work with the Nocom Partner Network. The company’s strategy and significant presence in Sweden, Norway and Finland makes it possible for us to quickly reach our target market. AppDancer/FA has great potential in the Nordic countries where many companies have a network-oriented IT-strategy,” says Roger Cox, President of AppDancer Networks.

About Nocom Partner Network
Nocom Partner Network AB is part of the Nocom Group and is a value-added distributor of Internet-related software, including support services, professional services, and training, in the Nordic market. Nocom Partner Network offers solutions in the area of security, document management, development tools and web analysis. Additional company and product information is available on the Nocom Product Network website at or call +46 18 65 55 00 or send email to

About AppDancer Networks
AppDancer Networks, Inc. is a privately held Georgia corporation headquartered in Roswell, Georgia USA, with an engineering development facility located in Fremont, California USA. AppDancer Networks manufactures AppDancer/FA, an innovative, application-centric network monitoring and flow analysis software tool. AppDancer/FA redefines network analysis by uniquely combining network application monitoring, network device monitoring, and network data capture, monitoring and analysis into one easy-to-use package. Additional company and product information is available on AppDancer Networks’ website at or call +1-770-643-6800 or send email to