AppDancer Networks Adds Enterprise Application Monitoring and Flow Analysis to AppDancer/FA

21 June 2002 Categories: Press Releases

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AppDancer Networks Adds Enterprise Application Monitoring and Flow Analysis to AppDancer/FA

Roswell, Georgia, USA, June 21, 2002 – AppDancer Networks, Inc., a new networking software company based in Roswell, Georgia, announces the release of Version 2.0 of its AppDancer/FA flagship product, which includes Enterprise Application Monitoring and Flow Analysis, a significant enhancement. For the first time network managers or data base administrators can monitor Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server user transactions in real-time. AppDancer/FA is the only product with the ability to display top down application logic, via its unique Application Flow Ladder Views and Application Content Views, for each such transaction.

“By adding Enterprise Application Monitoring and Flow Analysis, our new release offers even more unique capabilities,” says Roger Cox, AppDancer Networks’ President. “AppDancer/FA Version 2.0 was created in response to many customer requests for an affordable tool for monitoring enterprise applications. Network managers, database analysts, and email administrators wanted a tool that allows them to view and understand how their applications impact the network, positively or negatively. Protocol analyzers offer little relief because they view the traffic at a very low level, packet-by-packet, including many packets unrelated to the application flows. Since few network managers really understand how to use a protocol analyzer, now for the first time, AppDancer/FA Release 2.0 provides these managers with the information they need in a format they can use. Applications problems can be more quickly understood and resolved.”

AppDancer/FA is available directly from AppDancer Networks and from authorized resellers throughout North and South America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

AppDancer/FA was recently named Best of InterOp in the Network Management category by CMP Media’s Network Computing, InformationWeek and EE Times at NetWorld+InterOp 2002 Las Vegas.

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AppDancer Networks, Inc. is a privately held Georgia corporation headquartered in Roswell, Georgia USA, with an engineering development facility located in Fremont, California USA. AppDancer Networks manufactures AppDancer/FA, an innovative, application-centric network monitoring and flow analysis software tool. AppDancer/FA redefines network analysis by uniquely combining network application monitoring, network device monitoring, and network data capture, monitoring and flow analysis into one easy-to-use package. Additional company and product information is available on AppDancer Networks’ website at or call +1-770-643-6800 or send email to