AppDancer/RV™ is a distributed version of AppDancer/FA product.

AppDancer/RV, the first remotely viewable and operable, application-centric, network monitoring and analysis tool for the 21st century.AppDancer/RV redefines network monitoring and network analysis into one easy-to-use remotely accessible software package. Designed for today’s convergent networks, AppDancer/RV recognizes and monitors all major audio and video protocols, including VOIP, plus Microsoft SQL Server and traditional data protocols.

AppDancer/RV is a distributed application running under Windows 2000 Professional and Server, Windows XP Workstation and Server. Multiple AppDancer/RV Agents may be deployed at various points throughout a corporate network to monitor critical information running on that network segment, and the AppDancer/RV Console is used at a network control point to view the information gathered by the Agents. The Console user has complete control of the Agents, viewing the monitored information in real time, and moving from Agent to Agent with just a few mouse clicks.

A unique advanced function of AppDancer/RV is its ease-of-use through Application Flows, which are real-time visual diagrams of the application’s network conversation. Content Flows are another break-through feature that re-create the end user experience by enabling the operator to view the actual content on the network in real-time.

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