How to resolve a customer’s database problem?

Customer Scenario: An un-named Software Application vendor has customers that have deployed their database application into production networks. Some customers are experiencing application performance issues. Some are complaining the Software Application does not work all the time. Is the bottleneck caused by the network or an application SQL database query design problem?

Traditionally to solve this kind of problem, the Software Application vendor will need to go to the customer’s site – or – transfer the customer’s database to recreate the problem. This is very costly and time consuming. Another complication is that databases contain sensitive information that prohibits transferring the data offsite.

AppDancer/FA is the only non-intrusive network/database trouble-shooting tool that allows the customer to look at the database transactions running in the live application. They can see the actual SQL queries contained in the packets going to the server and the actual table results coming back from the server. AppDancer/FA will show any query errors from the database server and transaction response times. Through AppDancer/FA’s easy to use Ladder view with content display there is a fast and easy view to the cause of the database application bottleneck.