AppDancer/FA™ is a multi-faceted Network Application Monitoring and Analysis tool that enables visualization and troubleshooting of your companies’ business applications.





AppDancer/FA is Now Available!

Version 2.0 for Windows

  • Download is Approximately 40 MBytes
  • Pentium III or higher or equivalent; 800 MHz or higher
  • Monitor: 800×600, 16 color minimum; 1024×768 recommended
  • Operating software: Windows 2000 Professional or Server, Window XP Workstation or server.
  • Minimum 256Mbyte RAM
  • Minimum Disk Space: 200 Mbyte during installation; thereafter 100 Mbyte plus disk space for capture files of up to 512 Mbyte each.
  • Network Connection with NDIS compliant network device driver
  • Internal software languages: HTML and Java 1.3.1
  • Required Software: Microsoft IE 6.0 or above , Netscape 6.2 or above, or a compatible browser must be loaded.